We offer private ground transportation to and from anywhere in Costa Rica, in very comfortable vehicles to accommodate all group sizes.

All our vehicles are fully equipped with air conditioning, WIFI, and coolers for your convenience. Our friendly PURA VIDA bilingual staff will get you where you need to go at anytime you need to be there.

For airport transportation we track your flight schedules and delays constantly so you need NOT worry about anything along the way. Also, our drivers receive all current traffic news, detours, roadblocks, construction, and weather condition updates.


prices vary for off peak and peak hrs.


Costa Rica Tour Office provides an affordable solution for anyone that wants to travel in the comfort of your own car (including rented cars) while being driven by your own personal chauffeur.

Hiring a driver is not something that is done every day for most people, though; hiring a driver in Costa Rica is much more common and can make various experiences easier and safer. Many times people do not even think about hiring a driver when they should. Usually, it makes situations far less complicated and much easier to deal with. Leave the hassle of driving to one of our  pre-screened native drivers.

Reasons To Hire a Chauffeur:

  • Enjoy & Relax: When you are on vacation you really go to ENJOY & RELAX! You don’t need extra stress/frustration.
  • See the sights, not the bumper in front: When you don’t have to navigate, drive, or argue with your spouse, cruising through a new territory can actually be a pleasurable experience. With your own driver in the driver’s seat, you chat, nap, and soaked in the scenery and NOT the traffic details.
  • See More Places: Available for extended out-of-town trips, visits to national parks, white sand beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and anywhere else your Costa Rica vacation takes you. Our native pre-screened drivers know of the wonders you may not otherwise see.
  • Entertainment/Parties: Have a good time without the worry of drinking and driving. Our chauffeurs will ensure you get home safely. Enjoy the company of your friends while you ride in your own vehicle.
  • Downtown: If you are in a strange city and don’t know your way around, it can be incredibly stressful to drive. Our drivers know their way around, will save you worry and stress, and will ensure that you make it to your destination on time.

Now that you have discovered how helpful a driver can be, and you can see that it is the BEST investment you can make to preserve your sanity, as well as the best way to provide ease and ENJOYMENT when travelling around Costa Rica, get your chauffeur reserved today.

Here’s the bottom line. Only YOU can determine what type of vacation and enjoyment you are seeking, but whatever it is, let us get you there. We work hard to ensure EASE & FUN for our clients.


Fully Bilingual Chauffeur 

Our fully bilingual drivers will ensure an enjoyable and easy vacation and travel! They have all been pre-screened for safety and tested to ensure language skills.

Semi-Bilingual Chauffeur 

Ideal for visitors whose speak some Spanish and want to experience their adventure with a native driver to take advantage of his knowledge on the roads. These drivers speak sufficient English to communicate with the client for simple situations, but long and complex requests in English will be met with some confusion.

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